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Title: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Subject: The Roundtable of the Underworld (Unlike the Story verse)
Warnings: AU post series one of Sherlock

Full album art, lyrics, and download link after the cut

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Pairing: Molliarty
Rating:T for language and mild adult situations...for now, we'll see how it goes.
Summary: What better way to kick off the Christmas season than with a little bit of Holiday Fear? It seems as if Jim has something special planned for the holidays. Something that has the potential to claim many bodies and Molly can't hide her excitement. Set sometime after "Playthings" Don't have to read that first, but it might help.

Chapters (or perhaps days would be more appropoiate) 1-4 can be found here.

Any and all feedback is always welcomed :D Enjoy and Happy Hollidays!
Originally posted by sherlocks_pants at Miss Molly Had A Dolly And It Was Sick, Sick, Sick. MORMOR MOLIARTY COMPLETE
Miss Molly Chapters 1 & 2 click here...
Miss Molly Chapter 3 part 1 here...
Miss Molly Chapter 3 part 2 here...

This is a three chapter piece that runs along side my WIP 'A Complicated Life' (Asexual Sherlock/Straight John).
For this one I wanted an extreme contrast between Sherlock and Johns relationship and the relationship between Moriarty and his man Moran. I also wanted to show quite how messed up Jim's head is. Often suicidal and a
sadomasochistic he drifts between reality and his fantasies. I wanted to explore why he didn't kill Molly when he was planning to kill Mrs Hudson, John and Lestrade. I have also given Jim and Sebastian some back story and looked a little into Jim's possible family history. Some not Canon, but Conan-Doyle did not give me much to play with.

Hope no one takes insult to the ref the Jim's Irishness. My family are Irish on both sides so it seemed a natural thing to do.
I am not a writer, I write for myself really.

This starts off pretty gentle and ends pretty messy.
Expect it all....flashbacks, fluff, BDSM, rape, incest, explicit sex, Teen Sex, Jim 'Ryan' i.e Jim from the Hospital, Jim Moriarty's fantasies, I tried to get a bit of everything in :D  

The children's rhyme 'Miss Polly' in this case 'Miss Molly' has been played with for the last chapter.

Warnings: for Violence, Explicit sex (some Non Con) constant swearing.

Pairings: Moran/Moriarty, Moriarty/Molly, Moriarty/other character, Sherlock/John implied, Moriarty/Sherlock implied, Moran/Watson implied

Summary:Jim's got a new job. This is what happened on Molly's three dates.
Exploring the mind of Jim Moriarty.

I still feel a bit sorry for him though :)


Fic: Distortion (Molly/Moriarty)

Title: "Distortion"
Author: t-rex-hugs
Characters: Molly/Moriarty
Spoilers: Season One
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and story from BBC and Arthur Conan Doyle. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author Notes: I'm fairly new to livejournal. I hope I'm posting/going about correctly!

Summary: Three years before Sherlock had ever learned of the existence of Moriarty, Molly had met Jim. It was a mistake, truly, but if she was really being honest, she'd say it was her greatest one.



Fic: Lion and Lamb

Title: Lion and Lamb
Author: eanor
Characters: Molly, Jim
Rating: PG
Words: 300
Warnings: darkish
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: If she were a character in a story, she wouldn’t be in such a mess. It would all be heartbreakingly romantic. (or: Molly/Jim Twilight style...)
Author's Notes: Originally written as a challenge entry for Challenge 103 at great_tales. I've been inspired by Twilight of all things, so this may contain dialogue originally featured by sparkly vampires... Thanks to my beta garonne. Comments and criticism are always very welcome! Enjoy! :)

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Medium: Television
Fandom: Sherlock
Subject: Jim Moriarty/Molly Hooper
Title: I Have Read The Right Books To Interpret Your Looks
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 1 of Sherlock, and ACD canon, but follows suchaprince's lovely fic Death And The Maiden so a bit AU from Season 2 of Sherlock

Full album art, lyrics, and download link after the cut

( "No one here can have you,
No one here would dare"

Fic: Decisions

Title: Decisions
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Molly/Jim
Words: 3131
Warnings: (ambiguous) character death, emotional dependence, confusing mind games
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: When Jim tells Molly that he trusts her, he can't possibly mean that, can he?
Author’s notes: Writing this fic took me several months - so glad I finally managed a version I can post proudly. Huge thanks to thisprettywren for very helpful advice over at her sherlockconcrit comm. Comments and criticism are always very welcome! Enjoy! :)

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Fic: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Pairings: Jim/Molly (Sherlock)
Author: ShellyStark
Rating: PG13
Summary:What better way to kick off the Holiday season than with a little bit of Holiday Fear...Jim/Molly style of course! Set sometime after Playthings. Looks like Jim has some special plans for this Christmas. Plans that could possibly involve a high body count.

Merry Christmas!

Title: Call Me Morbid, Call Me Pale
Subject: Molly Hooper [with Molly/Moriarty]
Warnings: Spoilers for series one of Sherlock
Notes: Full album art, tracklisting, and download links under the fake cut.

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Fic: Means to an End

Author: infiniteth
Title: Means to an End
Rating: R
Pairings: Moriarty/Molly, with one-sided Moriarty/Sherlock and Molly/Sherlock
Warnings: Sex, some misogyny and possible dub-con, as well as spoilers for "The Great Game".
Summary: Seduction is easy. Waiting is hard.

After the DVD finished, after the umpteenth small-screen sing-a-long adventure, Jim kissed Molly's temple.


Fic: Frozen Feelings

Title: Frozen Feelings
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Molly/Jim, Molly/John
Characters: Molly, John, Jim (kind of)
Words: ~1300
Warnings: character death, obsession with a dead body (nothing graphic or too obscure, though)
Spoilers: The Great Game, speculation for afterwards
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: How does Molly deal with the consequences of the pool scene? It's not like Jim could leave her now...
Author's notes: Some speculations, although I am fairly sure it won't happen like this in the series.
Comments and criticism are very welcome. Enjoy. :)

These were the facts.Collapse )



Photobucket Photobucket Jim Moriarty,Moriarty,Sherlock,The Great Game,BBC,one,three

Rest can be found right here.


Title: Death and the Maiden
Characters/Pairing: Molly Hooper/Jim Moriarty (with Sebastian Moran, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, & D.I. Lestrade)
Rating: PG-13 (Murders and discussions of suicide, but no real language or sexual situations)
Word Count: 6,700
Beta: The brilliant anjamarie
Spoilers: Series one of Sherlock and "The Final Problem"
Notes: This was inspired by the Molly/Moriarty mix I made for the wonderful mad_teagirl's birthday. Writing these two characters was uncharted territory for me, so hopefully this isn't a complete disaster. The title of the fic is taken from the Clogs song.
Summary: "He’d been obsessing over the girl since he watched her wade through a river, collecting rocks and inhaling water."

(Molly Hooper is 10 years old when she learns that Carl Powers has died.)
Title: Casting These Shadows
Subject: Molly/Moriarty
Warnings: Spoilers for series one of Sherlock
Notes: Full album art, tracklisting, and download links under the fake cut.

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Sherlock fanmix community

Hello my dears! my dear friend suchaprince and I have started a community for fanmixes from all incarnations of Holmes fandom.

So go check it out over @ 221b_fanmix

join. post. tell your friends. have a ball.
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Hi everyone!

This is just a quick post (with mod permission) to let you know that sign-ups for thegameison_sh are now open!

join thegameison_sh is a team-based fic challenge comm dedicated to the BBC show Sherlock. All levels of writing skill are welcome.
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Fic: Hide and Seek

Author: Shelly Stark
Title: Hide and Seek
Fandom: Sherlock
Paring: Jim Moriarty/Molly Hooper
Rating: PG13 mainly for dark undertones
Summary: Set after TGG.  Jim goes to Molly in an attempt to get her to come back with him to his flat.

Written for [info]peonelli 's fabulous prompt over at [info]help_japan 

Follow the fake cut!
He knew that somewhere inside that magnificent head of her was a dark and devious place. Why else would she spend her days happily in the company of the dead? Surely it wasn’t for the company they keep. Molly Hooper intrigued him. )

fic: red song in the night (molly/moriarty)

Title: red song in the night
Author: halfpenny_press 
Rating: pg-ish
Characters/Pairing: molly/moriarty, sorta-kinda
Summary: Post-TGG, just lil' snippet of a fic, prelude to things to come

Molly had never been terribly good at lying, not even to herself

Beta and Brit picker request!

  I'm writing a fairly short Jim/Molly fic for a prompt fill over at help_japan and am looking for someone or somebodies to Beta and Britpick. It'll probably end up between 2500-4000 wds. I'm still working on it but it should be donee sometime tomorrow afternoon. It's a little dark and dreadful like things between them should be, and may or may not have some adult content (we'll see how my dark muse feels when I get there) Anyway, let me know, the quicker the better so I can get it up and done!
Many thanks!


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